Android & iOS Apps

Mobile apps are the future of the digital domain, countless big brands have apps available across the App Store as they know how important it is for the brand to be available across all domains.

With Public Void Apps we have years of experience writing native mobile apps, incorporating performance, quality and security at the very core. We know how to help a growing or established business step into mobile apps to reap a lot of rewards, from building your brand, assisting with customers, building a personalised service and advertising directly to the consumers.

We can help you shape your idea, show you the many different ways we can help you make your idea come to life and then go on to develop the app with your input every step of the way. We offer a complimentary support period in case you need to change anything after it has been published and then your welcome to manage it yourself or take advantage of our extended support packages.

We work with some great Digital musketeers to help you market your app and generate revenue if thats the route you wish to take, or we can show you how the analytical side works so you can get an overview of who your customers are, demographics, age ranges and provide directed advertising via messaging, popups or notifications directly on the users device.

We target Android and iOS purely because the market share is so much greater on these platforms than anywhere else and we can focus on giving you the best experience from a developer. We provide a no obligation chat so you can see how your idea may work, if it will do what you want it to do and whether we can help you do it, if we can then we will get a plan together and begin moving forward with it and with prices starting from just £499 for developing your own app on Android or iOS, there is no reason not to at least have a chat ( we will even buy the coffee )

In the past we have worked with companies with budgets of £50,000 and other ones with budgets of £5000 and have delivered exactly what they wanted within time, and within budget. We are looking to assist with even more companies, individuals, sole traders and hobbyists who have an idea and want to see it come to life.