Ok, We cant fix sentient A.I…

But we can support you through other bad experiences such as slow or unresponsive websites, bad links and poor performing websites as well as a variety of software and hardware support. Although we specialise in web and mobile applications, we also know a thing or two about computer hardware as well as Mac & Windows software. We will happily help you through the current issue you are facing and help to make sure it does not happen again if possible.

Some common issues we can often help with include…

  • Slow websites
  • Unresponsive servers and intermittent website outages.
  • Mobile app debugging and crashes.
  • Mac software issues.
  • Mac hardware issues.
  • Windows-based software issues.
  • Rebuilding computers and cleaning up hardware.
  • Building new computers to spec.
  • Upgrading computers and health checks.
  • Data recovery of hard drives (Not flash memory).


If you are having an issue and it isn’t listed here, you are always welcome to call or email to see if we can help. We can generally give you a quick yes or no over the phone or via email. Feel free to call between 8 AM and 8 PM, Monday to Saturday or fill in the form below for non-urgent queries.